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What is Melasma (Chloasma)? is a skin condition that can occur at any point in life. It is simply a type of skin discolouration found on areas of the face which has been exposed to the sun. Studies have revealed that people with darker or asian skin tones have a higher chance of developing the condition. It has been around for a number of years and can be avoided or treated in many ways.

There are three types of hypermelanosis. It could be either epidermal (brown), dermal (blue-grey), or a mixture of both (brown-grey).

It is much easier to avoid than treat but treatments have been proven to be very successful in completely eradicating all the signs of darker skin on and around the face.

Melasma can be very worrying if never seen or heard of before but the fact remains that the percentage of complete eradication is very high if treated safely and correctly.

Melasma is also known as Mask of Pregnancy.

How to treat Melasma effectively

There are many natural creams available for melasma one of the best ones being Nur76 Melasma Lightener Advanced which is a natural cream that works to reduce and completely eliminate melasma. It uses highly efficient plant extracts to target the hyper pigmented areas of melasma on your skin and breaks it down safely making your skin more even and gradually making the melasma areas disappear.

You can read more about the Nur76 Melasma Lightener Advanced here

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