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Chloasma is another term for Melasma which is a skin condition mainly affecting brown skinned women who have hormonal imbalance caused by a varying number of factors. It can happen during or after pregnancy and can last for tens of years or in some cases an entire lifetime. There are ways to treat this condition using medicinal and natural means but what the doctor may prescribe for you may not work and may well be dangerous.

As per their medical journal and orthodox teaching the doctor may normally prescribe Hydroquinone but please do not use this. The doctors only prescribe what the pharmaceutical companies tell them to because its the most profitable for them and also because the medical associations are sponsored by large pharmaceutical companies.

There are many natural creams available for chloasma one of the best ones being Nur76 Melasma Lightener Advanced which is a natural cream that works to reduce and completely eliminate chloasma. It uses highly efficient plant extracts to target the hyper pigmented areas of melasma on your skin and breaks it down safely making your skin more even and gradually making the chloasma areas disappear.

You can read more about the Nur76 Melasma Lightener Advanced here

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